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    • RFID Electronic Earmark NBRFID-E-006 Min.Order : 1000 | $0.00 Details
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    Our research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions.

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      Trump administration moves to make new cars dirtier by arguing they’ll be safer
    • The Trump administration moved to lower nationwide vehicle fuel efficiency rules today by arguing that dirtier cars will be safer. The administration is also trying to take away California’s power to set its own greenhouse gas emissions standards and zero-emission vehicle program, which are initiatives that many other ...
      Rocket Lab is planning back-to-back missions for the holiday season
    • US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab is rescheduling its first commercial rocket launch once again. The company tried to get this flight off the ground twice this year, but weird behavior on Rocket Lab’s launch vehicle forced the company to stand down from both launch attempts. Now, changes have been made to the rocket to...

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