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    Skill parameter

      1, the factory park handles

      (1) Intelligent identification - the system uses radio frequency identification skills and infrared sensing skills to accurately and actively identify internal vehicles and foreign vehicles;

      (2) Humanized handling - Each unit of the official car is affixed with a tamper-evident label and passes through the detection channel. The system can be quickly identified without the need for security personnel to judge through their own image;

      (3) Informatization supervision and handling - the unit's handling vehicles can go through the client software, check the entry and exit status of the gates in real time, and supervise the operation status of the security personnel; together, prevent the appearance of collusion between security personnel and outsiders, and improve the phenomenon. The security level of the entire processing system;

      (4) The vehicle tag (tamper tag) has 100,000 repetitions of erasing and writing, and can be repeatedly read and written.

      2. Leaders entering and leaving the vehicle:

      (1) Leading vehicles entering or leaving the factory park, the system proactively shows security personnel to see in real time to prevent the leader vehicles from being stopped.

      (2) Regarding the entry and exit of leading vehicles, the system can actively show the words of a certain leader.

      Function depiction

      1. Channel handling system

      2, the vehicle access module wide channel refers to the main entrance of the factory, the south gate of the factory, the south gate of the engine, the skill center, etc.

      (1) After passing through the gate, and recording the function of the quantity and information of the vehicle;

      (2) Recording the vehicle information after the electronic identification card is recorded;

      (3) It is possible to check the passing condition of the vehicle at a certain time and arrange the dispatching information of the vehicle reasonably;

      (4) When the vehicle passes through the period, the pressure is sensed to read the label information, and when the label is read, the vehicle picture is popped up and a green light is displayed;

      (5) When the security personnel sees that the vehicle information that appears in the vehicle image popped up at the terminal appears to match the revenue and expenditure vehicle, release;

      (6) When the card is triggered, the label is not read, a red light is displayed and an alarm is issued;

      3. Restricted door vehicle access module

      4, the right to determine the power of the vehicle to enter and exit

      (1) Supply limited gate setting time closing function

      5, supply abnormal status alarm function

      6. Blacklist function; has an alarm function for a lost card or other illegal card.

      7. Regional handling subsystem

      8, regional monitoring module

      9. Graphical display and real-time update of vehicle quantity and information in the park

      (1) Inquiring about the entry and exit records of the revenue and expenditure vehicles

      (2) Active detection of supply equipment and systems

      (3) Supply channel abnormal condition alarm

      (4) System handling module supply for basic information entry of vehicles

      (5) Supply of intelligent information card processing functions

      (6) Regional settings and initialization functions

      (7) System management software according to windows operation channel, Chinese menu appears, interface friendly, simple operation

      (8) System data backup / rehabilitation function