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    Program overview

      As of the 2015 statistics, the number of electric bicycles in China is 200 million, and it is added in the order of tens of millions every year. Electric bicycles have become the primary means of transportation for Chinese citizens. How to deal with the safety and handling of electric bicycles is related to the personal property safety and safe travel of thousands of households. There is no small matter in people's livelihood. Paying attention to the safe handling of electric bicycles is to pay attention to people's livelihood.

      The profitability of the smart city has gradually deepened the public opinion. How to complete the safety and burglary handling of electric vehicles has become a severe test of the security management part. The multi-skills and cross-channel big data blending is used, combined with RFID radio frequency skills, urban public security video network, GIS. Skills and public security IoT security supervision channels can handle this problem very well. The legal part selects the RFID electronic tag to complete the real name system registration and deposit of the owner, implements one car and one card system, the insurance company intervenes to complete the vehicle warranty, and the public security Internet security supervision channel From the end of the transaction, the joint defense and joint control will be done before the earthquake, and later pursued, from the source to reduce the incidence of stealing, security and other incidents.

    Urban non-motor vehicle anti-theft intelligent management solution


    Urban non-motor vehicle anti-theft intelligent management solution

      Utility features

    Urban non-motor vehicle anti-theft intelligent management solution

      First, the channel function

      1.1, registration standard (real name system registration)

      With the rapid development of the economy and society and the continuous promotion of urbanization, electric bicycles have experienced rapid growth and rapid increase in the number of major cities due to their economic and rapid characteristics. The resulting safety incidents and theft of electric vehicles are frequent. Local governments have successively issued the "Regulations on the Regulation of Electric Bicycles", and the real-name system of vehicles has been widely accepted. The standard real-name system has ensured that electric vehicles are quickly processed in traffic incidents and theft, preventing the display of invoices and losing the possibility of filing cases, and directly improving the phenomenon. Legal power, the system has electric vehicle information, owner information and electronic license plate information real name system registration function;

      1.2, device confidentiality (consistent device)

      After the real name registration of the electric bicycle is completed, the public security record is completed, and the vehicle passes through the proposed device to complete the labeling and shielding device and activates the completion of the label initialization;

      1.3, commercial insurance (two layers of security)

      After the end of the electronic labeling device, it is acknowledged whether it is necessary to purchase commercial insurance, which can make the owner's vehicle more secure and reliable;

      1.4, public security electric vehicle anti-theft handling channels (consistent supervision, joint defense joint control)

      After the activation of the electronic tag is successful, the background can identify the vehicle information, the track and the video image in real time, and ensure that the vehicle is quickly retrieved if the display is lost;

      1.5, user APP

      After the activation of the electronic tag is successful, the APP can complete a variety of functions, one-button fortification, one-button alarm, online insurance and vehicle track query;