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    1. System composition:

      This system takes the UHF reader SW4 as the primary equipment, and selects the electronic tag as the primary carrier of the vehicle's only identification and information. After industrial-grade PC induction, active gates, induction coils (or infrared sensors), cameras (or digital cameras), dynamic truck scales, gate control, picture comparison and weighing are used. The structure of the system is as follows:

      2. Device schematic

    One millisecond technology UHF intelligent vehicle access management and intelligent weighing system

      3. Control process

      3.1. Income and expenditure control process

      3.1.1. Import process


      1.1.2. Export process


      3.2. Intelligent weighing system usage process

      a) After the electronic tag information is read, the component information received by the weighing instrument through the serial port is displayed on the display screen and stored together with the tag information. After the weighing is completed, the vehicle is lowered;

      b) Weigh the same demand for export and acknowledge whether it has been unloaded;

      c) If it is within the certain time period of the day (there may be users set according to the specific circumstances), repeating the appearance will not remove the car, and may prompt the operator to handle the craft and record the abnormal things together.

      4. Software utility module:

      The software selects the module to be divided into basic functions (identification, visualization, and gate control), including two control methods: coil form and infrared form; picture comparison function (adding picture capture, appearance; recognized by manual recognition, button Open the gate; picture recognition function (adding picture recognition processing, receiving the branch and leaving the picture to identify the license plate and actively check with the label information, the square function is powerful); weighing function (adding the electronic platform data function).

      The external interface of the system uses DLL dynamic library planning or COM method to enhance the habit and extensibility of the system. After the basic functions are stable and reliable, the replacement DLL can be combined to form a system that is accustomed to different peripherals and functions.