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    1 Introduction to the system

      Beijing Chuangyi Xingyi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of lora products, such as terminal node CY-LRB-102, terminal node CY-LRB-101, lora control terminal CY-LRW-102, lora detection terminal CY-LRW-101, etc. Models, as well as a variety of products are under development, the narrow-band IoT skills are fully used in the parking situation, useful to quickly detect the parking space and other information, easy to handle the parking space, to create a smart parking lot supervision system.

      The geomagnetic detector installed in the parking lot can detect the information occupied by the parking space in the parking lot. The terminal node CY-LRB-102 or the lora control terminal CY-LRW-102 according to the modbus/bacnet protocol can collect information from the detector. Aggregated to the LoRa gateway, the information gathered by the LoRa gateway is processed by the processor to establish communication with the cloud center. When the collected data changes, the system will initiate data reporting. The terminal nodes of each parking lot will have the only ID to identify the parking spaces, and all terminal nodes of each parking lot will have the only ID to identify different parking spaces.

    Intelligent parking system

      Figure 1 System composition

    Intelligent parking system

      Figure 2 Architecture

      2 main functions of the system

      2.1 Data collection

      The on-site parking space occupancy data of the parking lot is transmitted to the cloud center through the wireless network for intelligent analysis and processing;

      2.2 Data Storage

      The system can store the pre-history data to form a knowledge base for processing and query at any time;

      2.3 Data analysis

      The system collects the collected values in an intuitive way to present the time distribution (line chart) and spatial distribution (field map) to the user, and provides historical reports such as daily reports and monthly reports;

      2.4 Long-distance control

      The user can complete the long-distance check of the parking space at any time and at any address through the Internet terminal.

      2.5 Consistent Certification

      The system completes the consistent certification, collects and handles the operation, including user handling, equipment handling, certification processing, and authority handling;

      2.6 Mobile phone monitoring

      The 4G mobile phone can perform the same functions as the computer terminal, and check various data transmitted by the detector in real time.

      3 system characteristics

      The system adopts the full wireless architecture of 4G+LoRa, which requires no wiring construction and low protection cost.

      The green, environmentally friendly, and non-radiation sensing network has ultra-low power consumption characteristics of full network synchronization. The wireless collection terminal can operate for two years using two alkaline batteries; the network active load balancing, the power consumption of all wireless nodes in the network can be evaluated. The power consumption is similar to the active networking, self-protection, and network connection. It can be operated all day long without manual labor and various processing methods. It can be handled by direct access to the gateway or network server for monitoring. The software interface is outstanding and powerful. To ensure that the data is recorded and analyzed in a timely and accurate manner, and the wireless sensor network is operated independently and securely, without paying any fees. The data of multiple collectors is consistently transmitted through a gateway, saving 4G traffic charges.

      4 Product introduction

      4.1 lORA control terminal CY-LRB-102

      Product Image

    Intelligent parking system

      Figure 4 CY-LRB-102

      DO1~DO8: Switch control interface, can control the switching status of relay terminals 1~8 relay.

      DI1~DI5: For the detected switch, it will map the switch status detected by the terminal.

      Power indicator: It is the power indicator.

      Signal control reaction lamp: Each time the control end changes, it will react with the same signal, and the light will shine once.

      Product specifications

    Intelligent parking system

      4.2 lORA control terminal CY-LRW-102

      Product Image

    Intelligent parking system

      Product specifications

    Intelligent parking system