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    1. Overview of the plan

      With the rapid development of the social economy, China is accelerating its entry into the car society, taking the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as an example: By the end of 2014, the number of cars in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has now surpassed 18 million (Beijing's 5.6 million cars ranked first in the country, Hebei Province) More than 10 million vehicles, Tianjin over 2 million vehicles, accounting for about 12% of the country, driving drivers surpassed 28 million. The rapid growth of car ownership has promoted the economic and social development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and together it has brought about a series of new social problems, such as the increasing traffic congestion on the road, the increase of exhaust pollution, the difficulty of parking, the serious situation of fake decks, and public Increased safety hazards, etc. The traditional car handling method is now unable to satisfy the demand and fundamentally deal with traffic problems.

      This project builds an integrated vehicle traffic big data channel centering on the skills of Douji Navigation and the car electronic logo (hereinafter referred to as “Douji + Car Electronic Logo”), and builds a professional application plan on this channel. Key skills such as satellite navigation, Internet of Things, and dynamic geographic information system, collecting roads, vehicles, and crowd information in an all-round way, constructing a precise traffic information collection and processing system, providing scientific processing plans for handling these traffic problems, and integrating vehicle traffic Play an important role.

      1.1. Project Policy

      Surrounding the strategic needs of vehicle transportation integration, the construction of the vehicle traffic big data service channel based on the “Douji + Car Electronic Logo”. Through channel operation, it will strengthen the induction and utilization of traffic information and vehicle data, and provide accurate public service and occupational treatment plans for public vehicle handling, traffic regulation, environmental protection supervision, hazardous vehicle storage and transportation, special vehicle handling, personal consumption navigation, etc. The safe and reliable, fast and efficient, economical and practical, green and environmentally-friendly transportation integration system under the new information age, improve the government's ability to perform duties, promote industrial health development, stimulate rapid economic growth, and gradually promote the city to common sense, information, and intelligent ties. The change of talented cities has revolutionized and differentiated traffic management methods and methods of service, and promoted social progress.

      1.2 Project Features

      The plan is to focus on the operational status of vehicular traffic, combined with the professional use of government and enterprises, to explore the business value and application value of data. The plan has the following characteristics:

      1) Public service type: Focus on the concept of public foundation service, focusing on the convenience that the people's sense of reality is brought by the channel.

      2) Franchise operation type: obtain support from local governments, public security and transportation departments at all levels, and obtain franchise operation rights;

      3) Resource type: Vehicle traffic big data touches all walks of life of the national economy. Once developed, it is attributed to national strategic information resources and has a high resource nature;

      4) “Double-bearing”: carrying the government's public welfare services together and carrying the data services of the social enterprise's commercial operations.

      2. Vehicle Traffic Big Data Channel Skills Program

      2.1 System composition

      The channel consists of an in-vehicle terminal, a data processing system, and an information support system, as shown in the figure.

      The vehicle terminal is composed of an RFID chip and an RFID antenna, a bucket module and a bucket antenna, a mobile network communication module, and a vehicle bus communication module.

      The software channel consists of an architecture data center and several professional application processing channels. The system is centered on the big data processing system, and the data is analyzed and explored to form a professional application.

      The information support system includes a bucket base station, a mobile communication base station, and an RFID read base station. The bucket base station enhances the real-time supply of the pseudo-range differential signal in the bucket region, and assists the bucket module to complete the high-precision positioning; the mobile communication base station assists the completion of the vehicle terminal information return; the RFID read base station device is completed on the gantry of the road bayonet The reading of the bayonet vehicle data.

      2.2 Skills plan

      The vehicle traffic big data channel is based on the vehicle terminal and data processing channels. In the vehicle terminal, the high-precision positioning is achieved by using the differential skills of the combination of the carrier-carrier phase (RTK) and the pseudo-range (RTD). It has the high sensitivity of the navigation satellite signal, the dual-mode positioning of the bucket + GPS and the integrated navigation skills with MEMS. With low power consumption method; RFID chip adopts the relevant requirements of the "Car Electronic Logo" for comment draft, has high read and write sensitivity, read and write times more than 100,000 times, and select independent data security for different bits of the data area. encryption.

      The data channel has the characteristics of large access volume and fast expansion speed. It uses HBase's distributed load-bearing and distributed accounting model, and uses data accounting clustering, referral, classification and machine learning engine to process traffic flow in real time. Big data, and comprehensively deal with storage, accounting, query problems. According to the information security requirements of the system, information security construction is carried out from two aspects: security management and skill defense. Based on layered fortification, layer protection, comprehensive review, and handling the main purpose, adopting overall planning, key protection, and dissemination and improvement. The construction idea will, after all, complete the information security construction policy of active protection, consistent monitoring and handling.

      There are three levels of skills in the channel: one is the orientation service and the data processing channel, and the database is applied to the individual, occupation, and government fields. The API is used to provide the paid data service to the application developer through API, WebService, XML, and audio communication. Complete collection and deposition of client data. The second is the data service channel, that is, through the call of open application service interface, to build personalized application for individuals, occupations, and government. The third is professional use, in the data channel service and the use of software services, to provide intelligent transportation, anti-terrorism stability, energy conservation and environmental protection, logistics monitoring, dangerous goods vehicles and other government and corporate occupational application processing plans.

      According to the hierarchical difference, the overall plan of the system is divided into five levels: the root device layer, the data layer, the system application layer, the application layer and the service layer. The contents of each layer are as follows:

      Bottom equipment layer: including the vehicle terminal source equipment that blends with the pole and the RFID, the azimuth enhanced base station's azimuth enhancement service base equipment, the mobile communication base station communication base equipment, the RFID read base station equipment, the ETC, the electronic police, the law and order Traffic handling equipment such as bayonet;

      Data layer: Based on the base equipment, including the bucket positioning tachometer timing data, RFID identification vehicle data (land, model, color, registration date, etc.), vehicle and electricity information data (fuel consumption, displacement, distance, vehicle fault data and maintenance) , secure data, etc., car handling data (violation, track, video surveillance data, etc.), personal control data (driving behavior data, consumer behavior data, navigation data, etc.);

      System application layer: including public security application management system, traffic application management system, environmental protection application system, vehicle handling system, and personal consumption system.

      Application performance layer: including electronic license plate issuing subsystem, public security vehicle handling subsystem, vehicle exhaust monitoring subsystem, road parking handling subsystem, special vehicle handling subsystem, vehicle dispatching subsystem, vehicle stability subsystem, consumer application System, etc.

      Service level: The primary service scale is public security, transportation, environmental protection, vehicle handling, personal consumption, etc.

      3. Career application plan

      The professional use of the vehicle traffic big data channel can be applied to all walks of life in the society, such as public security, intelligent transportation and smart city construction, vehicle exhaust environmental protection, social occupational application and personal car after-service use, etc. Below, let us Several common use cases in the days and days to clarify the use of vehicle traffic big data.

      3.1 Public Security Career Program

      In the field of public safety, "Douji + Sedan Electronic Signage" can fully satisfy the requirements of the public security department "real-time supervision, network control, active alarm, rapid response, scientific and efficient, information sharing", further blending electronic police, road monitoring, The existing handling resources such as security card slot and radar speed measurement are used to record the passing vehicles, provide various services related to the vehicle-related information, and provide a strong guarantee for the public security department to better protect the social order.

      In detail, the use of “channels” in public safety can do the following:

      a. fake card / deck vehicle identification

      When the vehicle carrying the electronic license plate label passes the period, the read/write base station collects and analyzes the electronic license plate label information, and the camera with the license plate recognition function captures the picture of the license plate number and recognizes it, and intersperses with the information in the electronic license plate label. Identify whether it is a fake/deck vehicle.

      b. Identification of traffic violations (violation)

      After the point-type reading of the electronic identification of the car and the continuous orientation of the bucket navigation, the vehicle is processed successfully, the record of the violation of the vehicle and the inquiry service are completed, and the track record of the vehicle history and the data analysis function of the query result are supported.

      c. Unlawful, limited number on-road vehicle identification

      The electronic car logo is like the "second-generation ID card" of the car. Once the device "Douji + electronic identification mark", the public security department can read the electronic identity through the reading of the electronic identity, and then accurately read the vehicle identity information, and then the yellow label car, no Legitimate and limited-limit vehicles are not identifiable.

      d. Dynamic traffic information collection

      According to the Douji + electronic license plate system, the vehicle has high recognition accuracy and is not easily affected by the environment. It can accurately and comprehensively obtain the situation information of the bicycle and the traffic conditions of the road network.

      e. Overspeed vehicle monitoring (interval speed measurement)

      Douji + electronic license plate reading equipment can accurately record overspeed vehicles; this will enable more and more severe monitoring of overspeed vehicles, so that vehicles will be monitored at all times without sections of speed measuring equipment.

      f. Electronic fence pre/alarm

      The scale of the trigger condition is demarcated, and the active perception of the delineation area of the vehicle is completed.

      3.2. Intelligent Transportation and Smart City Application Plan

      "Douji + sedan electronic identification" vehicle traffic big data is an important part of the construction of a smart city. “Channel” can integrate traffic big data into the field of traffic management. Its massive, real-time and structured dynamic data features expand and extend the application depth and application fields of intelligent transportation management system, and promote intelligent transportation management system to a new generation of intelligent transportation. The change, the promotion of traffic management methods to the precision processing, big data resolution plan support, accurate utility guessing changes, in order to optimize urban transport functions, improve urban traffic road network, improve traffic arrangements and strategic supply accurate scientific basis.

      In detail, the “channel” can be used in intelligent transportation to achieve the following functions:

      a. Accurate traffic flow (congestion model) collection

      Through the real-time and accurate collection of channel orientation and identity, it can obtain the dynamic travel data of traffic vehicles in any area, and can accurately grasp the traffic flow on the road and the regularity of vehicle operation, combined with the construction of traffic routes (number of lanes, road orientation, surrounding In the case of car ownership, etc., it is possible to establish a precise traffic flow model.

      b. Dynamic traffic message release

      Combine advanced communication, electronics, multimedia and computer network skills to provide travellers with road traffic systems, public transport systems and other important information related to travel, and to reach the overall operational power of the transportation system.

      c. Analysis and warning of traffic congestion on the road

      According to the “Douji Vehicle Standard” system, the traffic flow parameters of the entire road network can be obtained, and the traffic operation of the entire road network can be analyzed and evaluated, and the area where traffic congestion may be present is identified early, and then the control method may be adopted or traffic may be adopted. Inducing and eliminating the congestion that may be present.

      d. Urban congestion charge adjustment

      The vehicle can actively and accurately identify the vehicles entering the congested section of the city, and after the set charging strategy, actively deduct the expenses from the bank related accounts of the Douji logo, complete the congestion charging of the vehicle, and alleviate the urban traffic congestion.

      e. Traffic induction and rapid processing of the incident

      Adopting the corresponding traffic guidance methods or plans to provide excellent service for the safe and fast driving of the driving personnel; once the sudden traffic incident occurs, the “channel” provides rapid directional push and immediately releases the disposal plan, guiding the vehicle to avoid the terminal address, and the maximum limit drop event. The impact of formation.

      f. Bus lane recognition and bus priority

      According to the bus priority signal light of the electronic license plate system, the identity of the vehicle can be accurately determined, so that the green light can be opened after the bus arrives at the intersection or arrive at the intersection, and then the priority of the bus is ensured, and the influence on other vehicles is minimized. .

      3.3. Environmental Protection Application Plan

      The channel system can be used for car exhaust emission monitoring, emission overrun alarm, vehicle emission real-time accounting, and urban air quality guessing. After the completion of the “channel”, it will provide monitoring and accounting for relevant exhaust emissions of road cars for provincial, city and county environmental protection departments, guide urban traffic to low-pollution handling, and implement total traffic control for traffic pollution, and exhaust emissions from cars and urban traffic. “Travel Size”, “Travel Strength” and “Collection Density” are related.

      In detail, the use of “channels” in environmental protection can accomplish the following functions:

      a. Vehicle emission monitoring inquiry

      After collecting the exhaust emissions of the cars, the “channels” can check the exhaust emissions of the bicycles, and can also calculate the real-time emissions of the car exhausts in the designated areas, imitate the air pollution procedures, and discharge the air within a certain period of time. The amount is calculated by the report, and the relevant regional and time-course rules for exhaust emissions are divided.

      b. Vehicle emission overrun alarm

      Through the inquiry and monitoring of the vehicle's real-time exhaust emissions, the “channel” can timely discover the emission over-supplied vehicles, and the handling department will tell the owner to go to the designated address for maintenance, and adopt the handling, fine, detention, etc. for the owner, and according to the vehicle. The post-repair practice results are stalked; for each vehicle's cumulative exhaust emissions, the “channel” can provide accurate data support for the ladder oil price.

      c. Air quality guess

      After accounting for the pollutant discharge rules of multiple roads in the urban area, combined with real-time weather conditions, scientific and accurate analysis of the air quality in a certain area of the city, it is also possible to plan the optimal way of air.

      d. Exhaust emission control plan

      The “channel” monitoring effect on the exhaust emissions of the car will help to complete the latest exhaust gas emission regulations. The “channel” will formulate the corresponding control plan based on the exhaust emission accounting report of each section in a certain period of time, and reach the policy of emission regulation.

      e. Online detection of traffic emissions

      Regarding heavy-duty vehicles and special vehicles with high frequency and high pollution, combined with OBD, use online monitoring sensors for real-time vehicle emission detection;

      3.4. Social occupational treatment plan

      For the use of buses, logistics and other vehicles, the “Douji Vehicle Standard” is the foundation of intelligent transportation. It can assist the traffic control department to complete the precise handling of vehicles and promote the upgrade of the transportation management system.

      3.4.1 Road traffic charges

      Road traffic charges include road and bridge charges (manual, highway), parking charges, illegal charges, future congestion charges and emission charges.

      The channel user can complete the binding of the bank account, and the “channel” monitoring function is combined with the electronic fence, even if the vehicle is at a speed of 180Km/h, the accurate identification and billing can be completed. Ways to identify and quickly charge for urban congestion, as well as fast real-time charges for vehicle violations.

      The charging function can also be applied to the active handling of large parking lots and the uniformization and regularization of parking spaces along the road. With regard to the active accounting of parking fees, it is possible to complete the non-parking charges when driving out of the parking lot or parking space, which can make the road tolls paperless and cashless, and can fundamentally eliminate the loss of the toll collections. The financial handling of road tolls is chaotic. In addition, the implementation of the non-parking charging system can also save infrastructure costs and handling costs.

      3.4.2 Safe handling of vehicles

      Traditional commercial insurance has various innate deficiencies, and UBI (User Behavior Insurance) is a differentiated auto insurance product based on driving all aspects of driving behavior. It is becoming a driving trend of auto insurance profession, providing car owners with personalized and differentiated vehicles to serve the car safely. . UBI's theoretical basis is to collect and analyze the driving behavior, accurately evaluate the driving danger of the vehicle, and then formulate more scientific and reasonable charging specifications, and encourage the safety drivers to obtain more premium concessions and promote social justice.

      At present, the scale of China's auto insurance shopping malls maintains a growth rate of 15% per year. UBI's penetration rate is estimated to reach 25% in 2020. After different vehicle owners who have different driving behaviors, different insurance specifications are formulated, and then the interests of the company and the owner are more and more reasonable.

      The two important functions of UBI are: auto insurance underwriting claims (avoiding fraudulent insurance): the ability to conduct on-the-spot claims on-site inspections by extracting the speed, direction, and position of the vehicle at the moment, to avoid fraudulent insurance; after the vehicle travel data accounting and Analysis of driving behavior, personalized and customized business customization and charging, that is, differentiated auto insurance products based on driving all aspects of driving behavior, the theoretical basis is that outstanding driving behavior drivers should obtain more premium concessions, and future premiums will be Through the practice of driving the moment, address, detailed driving methods and other objectives for induction.

      3.4.3 Enterprise vehicle handling

      The channel can be applied to the government and corporate business vehicles, logistics fleets, school bus handling areas, timely, comprehensive and accurate grasp of the vehicle or fleet operation, improve vehicle operating power, reduce car operating costs, improve corporate competitiveness, improve vehicles Handling the level of informationization of the profession to slow down the safety of the car.

      The channel has the functions of vehicle navigation, dynamic stalking, line offset prompting, electronic dog, scheduling, route planning, fuel consumption monitoring, and distance accounting. Complete the intelligent management and control of logistics vehicles, and provide a complete treatment plan in terms of transportation routes, material monitoring, vehicle scheduling, etc.; the school vehicle handling can analyze the travel data accounting and driver driving behavior, and release the information of the school bus travel situation in real time. To enable parents to know the location of the school bus at any time and place, so that the school bus is more secure and reliable; for the business vehicles to go through the background management system to monitor the business vehicles or the fleet, complete the formal supervision of the business vehicles, and complete the real-time scheduling, make business The vehicle is more efficient.

      3.4.4 Optimize urban utility planning and improve traffic network structure

      The “Douji+Sedan Electronic Signage” records the trajectory and activity scale of vehicles in the city. Each section of the trajectory is a city traffic start and end (OD) sample. Urban traffic planners, after analyzing the OD of the vehicle's travel track within the city scale, discuss the needs of citizens' travel, and then improve the supply of the first-hand materials for the city's utility planning and transportation network to provide reference for the city's scientific processing and planning.

      3.5. Personal use plan

      The channel is designed for the masses to use the mobile APP to supply the vehicle-based shopping malls based on the orientation:

      1) High-precision navigation service

      The bucket navigation service mainly provides various services related to navigation or orientation to the terminal owner, including one-button navigation, avoidance route planning, group navigation, map navigation, central network navigation, self-driving navigation, peripheral query, and orientation. Enjoy, real-time traffic conditions, electronic dogs and more.

      2) Parking service

      Parking service mainly provides the terminal car owners with various services related to parking on the side of the road, including parking space search, parking time (cost) accounting, and one-click car search.

      3) Vehicle safety services

      The vehicle safety service mainly provides the vehicle owner with maintenance and repair information and safe information, so that the owner can grasp the health of the vehicle at any time and anywhere, and reduce unnecessary repair expenses. Together with the warning of serious safety problems, the vehicle can be reduced as much as possible. The resulting loss mainly includes vehicle physical examination, bright repair, vehicle safety, vehicle rescue and other functions.

      4) Vehicle consumption

      First of all, it includes fueling service, taxi service, neighboring (home) car wash, maintenance and repair, car rental services and other functions.

      4 Conclusion

      The use of vehicle traffic big data can be widely used in various social shackles. The construction of vehicle traffic big data is an inevitable product of social civilization, and its application level is also an important manifestation of social civilization. According to their own talents, they can not be drawn one by one; some of the professional use plans in the text may also be lost and lacking, looking to the future: we are full of confidence in the use of vehicle traffic big data, it is not just vehicle information processing The change of a society will surely lead a deep social innovation and vigorously promote the development of human history.