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      RFID vehicle management system solution Informatization supervision and handling - the unit's handling vehicles can go through the client software, check the entry and exit status of the gates in real time, and supervise the operation status of the security personnel together, prevent the appearance of collusion between security personnel and outsiders, and improve the phenomenon. The security level of the entire processing system read more 2019-01-22 | Viewed:383
      Application of RFID in automobile production line As a typical situation in the production of discrete industries, the production activities of the car have the following characteristics: the production process is parallel and asynchronous, the equipment has redundant functions, the control quantities are independent of each other, the production resources are handled in disorder, and the parts in the production process are discrete. read more 2019-01-22 | Viewed:220
      Application of RFID in hospital system Today, with the continuous improvement of the medical system, the degree of informationization of hospitals has been greatly improved. Nowadays, large hospitals have now used the Hospital Information System HIS. After using the HIS system, it is convenient for the public to seek medical treatment. Also improve the level of medical services. read more 2019-01-22 | Viewed:219
      RFID Hospital Asset Management Solution There are many disadvantages and lacks in the handling of traditional medical supplies, especially in the special occupation of medical care, because the hospital's equipment and instruments and drugs are linked to the health of patients. The hospital's fixed property value is high, the application period is long, and the application rate of difficult property is not high, the loss of property is unknown, the depreciation and protection of fixed property are all asymmetric, and the financial data and the state of matter do not match. read more 2019-01-21 | Viewed:224